Friday, March 13, 2009

Philly Makes!

As previously mentioned, quite a few of our team members recently participated in the Thing A Day project, making one thing each day for a month and then posting about it. I personally made it only halfway through…though I was continually making things, the daily posting requirement was very time consuming.

Some members of Handmade Philly and the Philly Etsy Team have decided to create a new project because we wanted to continue to have a place to share our projects and to see what others are working on. Philly Makes participants commit to making and posting one thing per week. We’re defining “thing” pretty loosely - it could be just about anything you make, even something cool you made for dinner or whatever. It doesn’t even need to be a completed project - if you have a work in progress you want to share, that’s cool too!

Want to join? Artists, crafters and designers can send an email to Jen with a brief description of what you make, how you would like your name listed in the Participants list, and your web URL if you have one!

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miss pigeon said...

Thanks for spreading the word! It's going to be a lot of fun seeing what everyone posts.