Monday, April 28, 2008

Class: Starting Your Own Etsy Shop

~ Wednesday, 5/21 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM
Instructor: Sara Selepouchin of the Philadelphia Etsy team and Girls Can Tell
Location: Coral Street Arts House
By now, if you’re a crafts lover, then you’ve heard of Etsy. But what about turning your love into $$ by opening your own Etsy shop? In this class, students will learn the basics of setting up an Etsy shop and a general primer in selling and marketing online. Class topics will include: item naming and descriptions, getting involved in the Etsy community, promoting your Etsy shop, photographing for online selling, pricing your work for internet (retail) sales, creating a consistent brand and visual consistency for your shop, and much, much more!
Cost: 35.00 For more info and registration details, please email Megan.

Sara will be covering a pretty wide range of topics on how to really rock your shop, including: * photo tips * tagging tips * a bit on branding / consistency throughout your shop * how to write effective item descriptions * information on how to set shop policy * best ways to promote on and off of Etsy * using flickr to promote your shop * building a customer base * information on a blog as a promotional tool (if a blog is right for you...) * ideas and links / sites for great promotional items for your shop * any questions or topics you'd like to discuss

There are a few spaces left in the class, which is listed on the PSC site:

In case the email link there doesn't work, the contact through the Philly Sewing Collective is Megan:

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