Thursday, June 26, 2008

6/20/08 Team Meeting at Mew

Last month’s meeting? Rainy, dark, I got a parking ticket (groan), hordes of members present. This month’s meeting? Sunny and cool, easy parking—and hordes of members off for the first real “high summer” weekend. But a treat anyway, three new members on the scene: Angela, crocheted stuffed animals (, who has agreed to do a workshop for the team; plus Nathan, photographer, and Emma, sculptor, painter, jewelry designer. Look for the latter two at an etsy shop still under construction.

One good thing about welcoming new members was the chance to review the tips and ideas we’ve developed since we began. So while we were all looking smart passing on the info to the newbies, it allowed us to remind ourselves of what we’ve all learned in these last months—about production, setting up our shops, marketing, photography, and just spread the word about the “handmade in Philly” phenomenon. We also got to introduce the new folks to the Mew Gallery—the women who run this cornucopia of handmade goods could not be more generous.

Next trunk show, the “Philly Craft Explosion,” will take place on Saturday, July 12, at the Mew, and five more are scheduled for the following months. The last one was a lot of fun, with food, drink, live music, and lots of customers. Come join the blast.

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phea jean said...

Great write up! So sorry I missed the meeting! See you all at the trunk show!