Saturday, July 19, 2008 magazine: slideshow

Check out the slideshow of photos* from Craftadelphia! on magazine's site. The show, which was held at Mew Gallery last weekend, featured Phea Jean custom handbags and hats; jewelry, clothes and accessories by Nicole Erin Carey; greeting cards and one of a kind plushies by Flying Fox Design and artwork, clothes and accessories by Boto Designs.
*Photos by Evan Molyneaux


mwmdesigns said...

Hi folks: If you go to the 215 homepage and register a username, then go to media center, you can see the show archived on the site and also a brief write-up of the show.

rutherford said...


i signed in. went to the media center. looked around, looked in reviews, but was unable to find a write up. i did find the slideshow.