Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures from August's Craftadelphia!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month's show, we couldn't have done it without you: all of the artists and designers, the musicians, and our host, Mew Gallery. We really are building a community of handmakers. It's taking some time, but we're building self sustaining micro economies. Good job guys. And to the public: thanks for the support! This show was really well attended. (I guess it helps to have a press release!)

So here are a few pictures from the show. I'll be adding more as Heather Randall, this month's photographer sends them my way. (Thanks Heather!) If anyone else has photos, or would like to just write about the event, please feel free to contribute.

(Images: Angela Davidson's crocheted creatures, MWM Design's necklaces, masks made by Anna Cherniahivsky and Jon Vital, & greeting cards by Flying Fox Design.)

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